Pääsküla bog

A bog inside the city

Boardwalk in Pääsküla bog, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Two trails have been marked on the map. The shorter one, which is 2 km long and suits children and the disabled, starts a couple of hundred meters from the children’s playground at the end of Metsanurga Street. The trail is mostly coated and fully (along with the platforms) accessible with a pram and a wheelchair.

The four-kilometre long nature study trail runs along dirt roads and pathways through various types of forests and over canals and springs. The trail starts and ends at the information board on Hiiu Street. There is a 10-meter high observation tower near the pine grove, where you can also rest your feet. The nature study trail can be passed with dry feet all through the year.

There are information boards that introduce the bog nature next to both trails.



Camping or making a fire is not allowed in the bog.

Do not leave any trash – take everything with you as you leave.

You can pick berries and mushrooms in the bog; just not near bridges and the trails – this way, the next visitor can also see and admire the forest goods.

Bicycles are allowed on the roads and on paved roads.