Kadriorg Park

Historical park

Swan pond, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

This vast park surrounding Kadriorg Palace is without a doubt the best place in town for relaxed strolling, pigeon feeding and life pondering. It was set up in 1718 as part of the palace estate, but has always been open to the public. In spring and summer visitors can see beautiful, manicured gardens and flowerbeds here, but most of the park has retained the look of the natural landscape, with meadows and forest groves.

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Japanese Garden, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Services and routes

There are a lot of footpaths that are partially illuminated in Kadriorg Park.

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Beehive in Tammesalu, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

The construction of Kadriorg Palace and the regular park started in the summer of 1718 under the Russian Tsar Peter I and the Italian architect Nicola Michetti. At the request of Peter I, anyone could visit the park, which is why the imperial park was public from the very beginning.

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Kadriorg Art Museum, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
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