Bird watching paradise

Paljassaare coast, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

As little as a century ago, the Paljassaare peninsula was in fact two small islands. A former military zone turned conservation area includes both abandoned military structures as well as diverse nature. It has been designated a NATURA 2000 site due to the pan-European importance of this birdsite. Thanks to its mosaic landscape this area draws a variety of bird species making it the best place for birdwatching in Tallinn.

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Ringed plovers and dunlin, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Services and routes

Visitors can walk on dirt and gravel roads in Paljassaare special conservation area.

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Ringed plover and dunlin, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

Only a century ago, the small Karli Islands were where Paljassaare is now. The Karli islands (later, the entire peninsula) were used for military purposes until the end of the Soviet occupation.

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Paljassaare observation tower, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
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