Aegna island

Enigmatic island

Beach in Aegna, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

Tallinn’s only island, Aegna, is located 14 km off the coast of the City with an area of only 3 km². Many man-made sites, such as the stone labyrinth and various military related sights remind us the enigmatic history of the island. The island is mainly covered by different kinds of forests, which makes it a beautiful place to get lost as you’ll always finally find yourself at the beach.

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Randaster, foto: Tõnu Laasi
Services and routes

There are many trails in Aegna, which help you discover the island and its mysteries

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Kalakajakas, foto: Tõnu Laasi

The everyday life of Aegna has been influenced by the nearby sea lanes, that connected the important settlement in Iru and the estuary of Pirita river, later also the stronghold of Toompea in 11th-15th century. Aegna, which was then called Wulvesöö, merged with the city of Tallinn as early as 1265.

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Aegna kivilabürint, foto: Tallinna Keskkonnaamet
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