Aegna island

Enigmatic island

There are several trails in Aegna for discovering the island. Two possible routes have been marked on the map. The green route is 5.4 km long. It passes through the centre of the island, where there are former barracks and the soldiers’ canteen, a stone maze, and the Aegna cemetery. The yellow route is 3.8 km long and circles the Lemmiku cape.


You can pick berries, mushrooms, and other forest goods in the protected area.

Take care of the island nature – behave in a way that makes you want to come back!

Do not leave your trash on the beach or in the forest; put it in trash bins or take it with you to the mainland.

Camping and making campfires is only allowed in the marked areas. The island forests are inflammable.

It is prohibited to stay in the Kurikneeme special management zone from 12 February to 31 July.

During the summer season, ships sail between Tallinn and Aegna. The ship departs from Kalasadam and the journey to Aegna takes about an hour.

More information about the ships and accommodation on Aegna Island is available on the website of Aegna: