To the developers

Photo Teemu Saloriutta

The Helsinki and Tallinn nature trails on this website are available through an interface offers an open REST API interface (licence CC BY 4.0) that can be used by application developers to utilise the information from both Helsinki and Tallinn available on the site.

The contents of the website are not available in their entirety through the interface, but prepared route suggestions and waypoints are available for each destination. The routes have different themes (geological path, nature trail for children, tasks for phenomenon-based learning, etc.), which are further described in the contents of the waypoints.

When using the pictures available through the interface, the name of the photographer must be mentioned, in accordance with copyright rules. City of Helsinki reserves the right to all photos related to Helsinki, and City of Tallinn reserves the right to all photos related to Tallinn. The right to use the photo available through this REST API is restricted to only describing the nature route provided on this site. For this purpose, the use of the photos is free of charge. The use of photo or transformation to other purposes is forbidden.

The content for all destinations in Helsinki is available in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Estonian. The content for destinations in Tallinn is available in Finnish, English, Estonian, and Russian.


Technical instructions

The interface is available at

In order to retrieve the destinations for each city from the interface, the parameter ‘cityid’ must be entered.

For destinations in Helsinki in Finnish, for example, can be retrieved using the interface request

The request replies with:

  • the destination ID
  • the title of the destination
  • the URL in the service
  • routes for the destination
  • waypoints for the destination
  • Descriptions of the waypoints in html format


City interface

The city ID’s are retrievable from the interface In order to acquire the ID’s in the desired language, the parameter ‘lang’ must be given. For example:

The lang parameter options are:

fi (Finnish)

en (English)

et (Estonian)

sv (Swedish)

ru (Russian)


Recommended applications for studying the interface