Bird watching paradise

Boardwalk in Paljassaare, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Visitors can walk on dirt and gravel roads in Paljassaare special conservation area. Boardwalks have been installed near the most sensitive communities to avoid people treading on them. The trail marked on the map is 3.2 km long and runs along a footway, a boardwalk, and on soil, passes two bird observation towers, and ends at the top of Katariina quay.



You can visit the Paljassaare special conservation area all year on foot or by bike. In winter, you can also ski here.

Do not leave any trash – take everything with you. The closest trash bins are in Pikakari beach.

It is forbidden to move on the coast during the nesting period of birds (1 May – 31 July). During that time, visitors can only move on the predetermined trails.

Visitors can pick berries in the special conservation area as long as they do not harm the vegetation in doing so.

It is forbidden to build a fire or camp in the special conservation area.