Kadriorg Park

Historical park

Tammesalu laudtee, foto: Tõnu Laasi
There are a lot of footpaths that are partially illuminated in Kadriorg Park.

The trail on the map is 2 km long. The trail runs through the nature park, pass the Japanese Garden, through the flower and rose garden, and ends at Hundikuristik gorge.


In the park, it is forbidden to:

  • break or otherwise damage flowers, trees and shrubs;
  • go to the flower garden, the limited area, and the wall;
  • walk on uncut grass;
  • litter;
  • litter canals, ponds, fountains;
  • damage or break the park inventory (for example, the waste bin, flowerpot, bench, light, etc.);
  • drink alcohol and take narcotic substances;
  • be shirtless or wear only swimming clothes or underwear;
  • bath and fish in canals, ponds, or fountains;
  • walk your pet without a leash;
  • wash your pet or allow them to swim;
  • feed the birds;
  • camp and stay overnight;
  • make a fire;
  • make loud noise, including honking the car horn.

The Park Pavilion (I-lustla) (A. Weizenbergi 33), the information point of Kadriorg Park, sells leaflets for the park, postcards with historical park plans, letter envelopes and postage stamps with the park logo, etc.