Pääsküla bog

A bog inside the city

Trench in Pääsküla bog, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
You do not have to leave Tallinn to explore a bog: Pääsküla bog, which is located inside the city borders, gives you an opportunity to see different bog habitats. Pääsküla bog and the surrounding forests form one of the largest green areas in Tallinn, which is characterised by a diverse landscape and high species richness. Pääsküla bog has been under protection since 2013.

Pääsküla bog has now been completely drained and 90% of it is covered in forest. In the south, there is a peat field, where the peat layer is on average 2.5 m thick, even though the oldest peat layers are hidden in the ground at a depth of 5 meters.

There are about 300 species of plants in Pääsküla bog, including orchids. Additionally, more than 140 bird species can be seen here. Pääsküla bog is also one of the most popular places among dragonflies in Tallinn: 17 species of dragon-flies have been found here (including the protected large white-faced darter). There are also a lot of bumble-bees and butterflies.

Also the Aiataguse and Kasetuka springs are located in the reserve. There is a hiking trail and several paths, as well as an observation tower that is almost 10 meters high.