Pääsküla bog

A bog inside the city

Trail in Pääsküla bog, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

A bog inside the city? That’s right, the Pääsküla bog with it’s impressive 9km², is a hidden gem in Tallinn ready to be explored. Several hiking trails starting from Hiiu forest are only a 30-minute drive away from the city centre. Several trails take the strollers away from the city noise to enjoy nature. There is a boardwalk that runs to the observation tower, where visitors can admire the beautiful bog landscape.

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Trench in Pääsküla bog, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Services and routes

There are many trails in the bog with information boards along the paths.

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Dark-red Helleborine, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

Pääsküla bog developed in a lake basin created by an erratic glacier during the most recent ice age. Since the 19th century several drainage trenches have been digged to create a grassland in place of the bog.

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Road in Pääsküla, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
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