Lungs of Tallinn

Trails in the forest in Nõmme-Mustamäe, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Nõmme-Mustamäe Landscape Reserve has a lot of hiking trails where visitors can enjoy the wonders of Mustamäe slope. Several tracks are illuminated.

The trail on the map is 3.7 km long and passes the exciting reliefs of Nõmme-Mustamäe. The trail runs along the slope, to the marsh and heath forest at the bottom of the slope, rises to the moorland forest on the Mustamäe slope, arrives at Glehn Castle, and reaches the Glehn Park Springs.


You can pick berries and mushrooms in the protected area.

It is not permitted to ride bicycles in the protected area outside the designated paths and roads.

Littering is not allowed in the protected area.

Camping and making a fire are only allowed at designated places.