Lungs of Tallinn

Rowan tree in Nõmme-Mustamäe, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
One of the best places in Tallinn to enjoy the air of pine forests is the Nõmme-Mustamäe Landscape Protection Area, which was formed in 2004. The landscape protection area is 204 hectares and covers several natural and cultural heritage landscapes. The unique landscapes include the Mustamäe slope, Nõmme sands, and spring and forest areas. There are heath pine groves and heathy pine forests, broadleaved tree mixed forests, spruce and spruce-mixed forests in the western areas, and swamp forests in the spring areas. The extensive urban forest of Nõmme-Mustamäe has also been called the lungs of Tallinn.

In terms of plant habitats, there are also sands, alvars, and meadowlands. There are about 500 species of vascular plants, including 10 protected ones (for example, Carex disperma and the the creeping willow). 59 species of moss and 98 species of lichen have been found. 124 species of birds have been registered here. People that climb the Mustamäe slope are rewarded with beautiful views of the different districts of Tallinn. The highest point of Tallinn, 64 m above sea level, is also located in the landscape protection area in Nõmme district. The Glehn Park springs are located at the foot of Mustamäe slope. It is possible to see 24 springs during the spring time and 10–20 springs during the summer time in a 1-kilometre section. The largest one is Rõõmuallikas (Joy Spring), which has a more stable flow.