Lungs of Tallinn

View from the slope of Mustamäe, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

Nõmme-Mustamäe landscape protection area, established in 2004, entails many different types of natural and cultural heritage landscapes. The unique landscape includes the Mustamäe slope, Nõmme sands, natural springs and a pine grove, which is one of the favourite jogging and strolling places for Tallinners. This large area of urban forest was once called the „Lungs of Tallinn“. The slopes also offer great views on the city.

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Rowan tree in Nõmme-Mustamäe, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Services and routes

There are a lot of hiking trails in the landscape reserve that are easily accessible.

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Pine trees in Mustamäe, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

The relief in Nõmme and Mustamäe area has evolved during the past 12 000 years when during the last advance of the continental ice sheet a near 30-meter-high slope was created.

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Glehn castle, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
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