Highest biodiversity in Tallinn

Astangu limestone shore, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

100-year-old tunnels, limestone cliff and rare plant species – that’s Astangu Green Area! It is quite a mysterious place, hiding many different nature sites in only 1,37 km². Astangu boasts also the highest species diversity in Tallinn per squaremeter. Visitors can behold the Mäeküla cliff and discover the tunnels built in the slope during World War I.

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Astangu tunnel warehouse, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
Services and routes

The trail passes past the tunnel warehouses and leads to the Astangu alvar.

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Astangu, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

One of Tallinn’s most attractive and extensive military monuments of the early 20th century is located in Astangu. The ammunition warehouses for the main line of defense in Tallinn sea front of Peter the Great’s Naval Fortress were planned in Astangu.

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Abandoned building in Astangu, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
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