Alpine Meadow-Grass

Poa alpina

Alpine meadow-grass, photo: Tallinn Environment Department

Alpine meadow-grass is a species of meadow-grass in the Poaceae family. Its flowers are shiny and generally round. Its florets are usually 5 mm long with 2–5 flowers. The glumes are of the same length and wide-lanceolate. The exterior part of the glume is silky-hairy. The tongue is up to 3.5 mm long and triangular in the top. The leaves are contracted in the shape of a boat; the lower sheaths are roll-shaped. A thick short callus has formed from old sheaths that have grown together on the basis of the sprouts. Alpine meadow-grass grows up to 10–30 cm in height. The plants blossom in June. They grow in alvars and cracks of limestone. Alpine meadow-grass is protected in Estonia (protection category II).