Pirita River Valley

Lush greenery around a river

Path in Pirita river valley reserve, photo: Tallinn Environment Department
There are many different trails in the landscape reserve of Pirita river valley.

The illuminated health trails (yellow) are located on the left bank of Pirita River, between the velodrome and Lükati bridge (3.8 km) and on the right bank, between Kloostrimetsa and Lükati road (3.4 km). Watch out for joggers, cyclists and skiers!

There are two nature study trails near the Botanic Garden. The nature study trail of Tallinn Botanic Garden (green) is 3.9 km long and passes through 15 landscape forms and habitat types, which have been marked with information boards. The study trail is partly situated in the Botanic Garden, which is why visitors have to buy a ticket to the Botanic Garden during the summer season. At other times, visitors can go to the study trail, as well as the outdoor collections of the Botanic Garden, for free. Download the brochure.

Kloostrimetsa peatland study trail (red) is 2.5 km long and passes through seven points equipped with information boards. Visitors can access the trail via Kiviaia road. Visitors can rent free audio guides from the ticket office of the Botanic Garden, which introduces all points on both trails in four languages (Estonian, Russian, English, and Finnish). The audio guide also introduces the collections in the Botanic Garden. Download the brochure.



Care about nature – behave in a way that makes you want to come back!

Do not leave your trash; take it to the trash bins.