The central forest running the length of Helsinki

Primeval forest © Jussi Helimäki.

Central Park is a nearly ten-kilometre-long forested green space running the length of Helsinki from south to north, starting near the city centre in Laakso and ending at the city’s northern border in Haltiala and the river Vantaanjoki.

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Snowy Central Park © the City of Helsinki materialbank, Matti Miinalainen.
Services and routes

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Polypores in the hillside herb-rich forest of Pitkäkoski © Jussi Helimäki.

The origins of Helsinki’s Central Park lie in a plan drawn up by architect Bertel Jung in 1911, which also included Töölönlahti Bay and its surroundings. The surroundings of Töölönlahti are often considered part of Central Park, but officially the Park starts at Laakso and continues northward all the way to the city border, terminating at the river Vantaanjoki.

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Maunula hiking lodge in 1971 © Helsinki City Museum, Constantin Grünberg.