A city district bordered by spectacular shores

Lauttasaari, © Jussi Helimäki.

Lauttasaari is a maritime district of Helsinki, known for its spectacular, natural shores. Its shores include large, smooth rocks, extensive shallows and rocky islets as well as meadows and lush, herb-rich common alder forests. The soundscape of Lauttasaari is a mix of different aspects of Helsinki: nature, city and sea.

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The coastal rocks of Lauttasaari, © Jussi Helimäki.
Services and routes

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© Teemu Saloriutta

The district of Lauttasaari was joined with Helsinki in 1946. The first bridge to the island was completed in 1935.

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Lauttasaari manor and barn, 1837, © Helsinki City Museum, Karl Mitterhusen.