A city district bordered by spectacular shores

Lauttasaari coastal trail, © Teemu Saloriutta.

Lauttasaari walk

The Lauttasaari walking route takes you to the island’s beautiful shores as well as to Myllykallio. The route is coloured pink on the mobile map. It is approximately 6.7 km in length. The route travels along accessible paths in the shore areas. The Myllykallio part of the trail includes some rocky sections without paths. The route can be walked in any order or only partially.

Kuva Teemu Saloriutta

Photo Teemu Saloriutta.

Lauttasaari circuit cycling route

This route circles the entire island, following the shore. The route is approximately 10.3 km in length. The cycling route is coloured light blue on the mobile map.

Lauttasaaren rantareitti, kuva Teemu Saloriutta.

Photo Teemu Saloriutta.