Red-breasted flycatcher

Ficedula parva

Red-breasted flycatcher, photo Jussi Helimäki

Red-breasted flycatchers have a round head, white sides, and a black tail. In the summer, the male birds have a grey head and a bleak reddish-brown throat. At other times, their feathers are more dull-coloured: the back is brown, the bottom side of their body is yellowish-white, and the breast has a delicate apricot tone. They catch insects by rising into the air from their lurking place, quickly flying through the leaves while jiggling their wings and tail. When they stop, they often jerk their tail and shrug their wings. The female bird builds the nest alone. They make their nests in suitable tree hollows or between branches. As nest materials, they mostly use green moss, but also dry leaves, reed, and kapok. They are under protection (protection category III).