Sitta europaea

Nuthatch, photo: Arne Ader

They are blue-greyish on the top, the bottom of their body is creamy to rust-coloured, and they have a contrasting black eye strip. Nuthatches are excellent climbers and can, as the only birds in Estonia, climb down trees, head first. Their climbing ability is thanks to the unusually wide stretch range of their long toes and sharp and strong talons. Their flight style is usually short-term and wavy; when on the ground, they move around by jumping. They are lively and energetic, which makes them similar to tits, with whom they often live. Nuthatch is a forest bird, who prefers large trees. They live in all kinds of forests, meadows, and parks; but prefer to nest in older broad-leaved trees and mixed forests, where they can nest in tree hollows.