Lesser spotted woodpecker

Dendrocopos minor

Lesser spotted woodpecker, photo: Eero Haapanen

Lesser spotted woodpeckers are like a smaller copy of great spotted woodpeckers. Their plumages are almost identical; however, the area under the tail of lesser spotted woodpeckers is slightly pink and the feathers on the upper side of the wings are striped in black-and-white. Lesser spotted woodpeckers are one of the smallest woodpeckers; they are only a little bit bigger than sparrows. As they are smaller than other woodpeckers, we mostly see them on the finer branches and twigs of trees, not the trunks. They feed on insects underneath the tree bark (longhorn beetles, bark beetles) and carpenter ants. They usually make their nests in the trunks of broad-leaved trees. Their favourites are dried and semi-rotten aspens and alders. They are under protection (protection category III).