Superb pink

Dianthus superbus

Superb pink, photo: Arne Ader

The fringed pink is a herbaceous plant in the Caryophyllaceae family. It is a perennial herbaceous plant, which grows to up to 90 cm in height. The leaves are green to greenish-grey, slender, and up to 8 cm long. The leaves extend 20–30 cm from the stem horizontally. Sparse inflorescences on the stem contain 2–5 flowers. There are five deeply split fringed petals in the flower, which are pinkish or light-purple and greenish near the base. The flowers have a sweet smell. Fringed pink is included in the red list of endangered species in Estonia, because its numbers are declining. Its main risk factors are construction activities, but also the fact that pastures and other sites become underwood due to an interruption in grazing and mowing. They are also endangered because too many people pick them (they are decorative plants).