Black cotoneaster

Cotoneaster niger


Cotoneaster niger is one of our domestic shrub species, growing widely from Central Europe to the Far East. In Estonia, small numbers of them grow on the northern coast of Northern Estonia (from Paldiski to Narva) in alvars. The upright shrub grows up to 2 m in height. Young sprouts are hairy, but later, they lose the hair and become brownish-grey. The leaves are 2–5 cm long, 1.5–3 cm wide, egg-shaped, and blunt-edged. The upper side is dark green and matte. The bottom side is felt-like and hairy. The stipules are triangular and hairy. The flowers are pinkish and 3–12 of them are bunched together. The pedicels are hairy. Blossoms in June. Their ripe fruits are almost black with a bluish tone. Groups on them are planted in public gardens. They used to be popular plants to plant in hedges, but not so much anymore. An undemanding plant. Protected in Estonia (protection category III).