The largest and most diverse outdoor recreational area in eastern Helsinki

The gloe lakes of Uutela © Teemu Saloriutta
Uutela features sea shores, forests, swamps and meadows, all of which are ideal for hiking. The area also houses an allotment garden, Skata Farm and several old villas. At Skata Farm there is also a hut with a fireplace, which visitors are free to use at weekends.

The diverse, semi-natural forest in the south-western part of Uutela is circled by a nature trail, and the area also has several cooking shelters. The Nuottaniemi and Niemenapaja cooking shelters are located by the seashore. The waterfront boasts impressive landscapes and is considered a geologically valuable area.

Currently the only nature reserve in Uutela is Särkkäniemi, which was protected in 1993. Särkkäniemi features coastal meadows and distinctive lagoon bays, which split off from the sea as a result of post-glacial rebound. The area’s reed beds and protected inlets provide excellent nesting sites for a variety of water birds. In addition to birds, the area is also home to moor frogs, common toads, smooth newts and a wide range of dragonflies.

Skatanniemi can be accessed by a road that runs through the villa area. The tip of the cape offers a spectacular view of the sea, and the extensive rocks are sure to impress. In the middle of Skatanniemi there is also an artillery bunker dating back to the First World War.

“The rocks of Skatanniemi are a great place to enjoy a view of the open sea, and the water is usually clear.”

Kaarina, 60

Rudträsk is a wetland area formed by a dried-up lake, located north-west of Skata Farm. The forests of Rudträsk are home to a variety of rare polypores, several species of bats and grey-headed woodpeckers. Uutelanneva is an impressive open swamp in its natural state.

The soundscape of Uutela is rather diverse. In the central parts of the area, the tranquillity of the forest prevails with the birds singing, whereas on the coast, the sounds of the sea take over. Background humming from the port can be heard in the eastern parts of Uutela, and one can hear the sounds caused by water traffic when walking along the beaches especially in summer. Uutela is a popular hiking and recreational area, so the sounds of people spending their leisure time belong to the soundscape of Uutela. You may also hear sounds of domestic animals in the vicinity of Skata Farm.

Planning is currently underway for the establishment of three new nature reserves in Uutela: Uutela forest, Skatanniemi and Rudträsk, which would be integrated into the existing Särkkäniemi nature reserve.