Troglodytes troglodytes

Wren, photo: Arne Ader

The wren is one of the smallest birds in Estonia. They are very lively and live in forests, thickets, and gardens. They are reddish-brown with a long, light supercilium; the pinions on the striped wings have a more contrasted colour. The tail is short and mostly upright. The feet are quite long and thin, the beak is thin and sharp. The song is incredibly loud and ringing. They can mostly be found in shallow, dense underwood or shrubs, piles of litter, windfalls, etc. As a small bird, they can easily jump around between the branches and other litter in thickets. For that reason, they are also called litter-birds. Their nests are usually located near the ground, in a thicket of litter or on spruce branches. Their nests are very large and massive, especially considering how small the birds themselves are, and the entrance is on the side. They eat spiders and insects who are not very mobile, but also seeds and even berries in autumn.