Thrush nightingale

Luscinia luscinia

Thrush nightingale, photo: Jussi Helimäki

The thrush nightingale is a grey-brown more or less spotted bird with a reddish-brown tail and a dull-coloured brownish-grey breast. Their song is loud – traditional to nightingales – and can be heard up to 1 km away. Nightingale is a common hatcher in Estonia. They live a very hidden life. They tend to hide in dense bushes near the ground. They live in all kinds of thickets, brushes, old gardens, etc. They build their nest in bushes on the shores of rivers and lakes, in sparse broad-leaved tree forests, parks, and cemeteries. The female bird builds a nest of tree leaves, reed, moss, and plant roots and very skilfully hides it on the ground, between shrub roots. The chicks will be able to fly at the beginning of August. They feed on insects, worms, and snails and in the autumn also on berries and fruits.