Erithacus rubecula

Robin, photo Eero Haapanen

Robins can be easily recognised thanks to their upright posture, round body, and a red crop area. They are happy to jump around on the ground, move their body, and raise their tail. The upper part of their body is olive-brown and the sides are yellowish. Robins are true loners; they even arrive alone from their migration. They have a hidden lifestyle in piles of litter, underwood, or impenetrable spruce thickets. They build their nests near to the ground: between pine roots, under a tree trunk, or behind a tuft in a pit. Typically, there are two broods in a year; the chicks stay in the nest for 12 days, and then, the parents will continue to take care of them for two weeks. The chicks, as they leave the nest, are unable to fly.