Regulus regulus

Goldcrest © Jussi Helimäki

Goldcrests are tiny, almost spherical birds, who live in coniferous forests. They are a light olive green with a contrasting wing pattern and their tail is short. Their face is light grey, eyes are coal-black, and there is a light, short moustachial stripe. Goldcrests are also called the European hummingbirds, because they are the smallest songbird in Europe, weighing only 5–6.5 grams. We can see this bird always quickly moving around in the crowns of conifers. Sometimes, they hang on branches like a tit; other times, they fly in the same spot above branches like a warbler to catch insects. In the autumn and winter, they often join the mixed flocks of tits. They live in all conifer and mixed forests. They usually build their nests in spruces and fix them on hanging branches. Their song is extremely high and not all people are able to ever hear it.