Garden warbler

Sylvia borin Bodd.

Garden warbler, photo: Arne Ader

Greyish-brown all over, no striking features. Round head and short beak. Can mostly be recognised on the basis of its song. Their song is quick and smooth, reminds of a whistle. Hides in the foliage of broad-leaved greenwoods and bushes with lush ground vegetation. A restless and mobile bird, constantly skips around in the grass and tree crowns, looking for bugs. Normally, male birds arrive earlier than females. The male bird starts to immediately make unpolished simple nests and later tries to catch the eye of a female bird by showing her the nests. If the female bird selects one of the simple nests as her favourite, they will complete it together. The young birds make their nests on top of a tree, in a bush, or in herbage. The parents feed their chicks with bugs. The chicks leave the nests when they are two weeks old and are unable to fly, which is why they hide themselves in the branches and foliage. When an enemy is approaching them, the parents often pretend to be injured. Garden warblers are migratory birds and fly away from Estonia in August.