A local island for adventurers

Commandant's House in Vasikkasaari, photo by Teemu Saloriutta

Vasikkasaari, located on the west side of Santahamina in Helsinki, is a recreational island of about 18 hectares. The island is available for the city residents’ recreational use, and it also has summer residents with small cabins.

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Vasikkasaari protective wall, photo by Teemu Saloriutta
Services and routes

You will find more detailed route descriptions and services on this subpage or on the side menu map at the upper right corner.

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Photo by Marianne Saviaho

Calvholmen and Kalfholm were the first names of Vasikkasaari in mid-17th century, when it was part of the village of Santahamina. This name indicates that it was used as a pasture, as were several other islands in the Helsinki archipelago.

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Vasikkasaari map 1899, the National Archives of Finland, picture by Jan Strang