Lush nature suburb

Patterimäki nature trail

The nature trail marked in blue runs around Patterimäki and hooks to the top of the hill. The nature trail is a little over one kilometre long and can easily be combined with the Mätäjoki and Talinpuutarha trails. The route is easy to navigate and accessible to people with prams, for example.


“It is nice to spend time in Patterimäki with a friend and a picnic basket while watching the sunset. When it starts getting dark, we stop on our way home and watch the flying squirrels practice their craft in the dusk.”

Pajamäen asukas, Eija


Picture Teemu Saloriutta

Mätäjoki and Talinpuutarha trail

This 1.8-kilometre recreational trail starts in Strömberginpuisto park, in front of the only natural waterfall in Helsinki. The Mätäjoki and Talinpuutarha trail is marked in pink, and much like the Patterimäki nature trail, it is easy to navigate and accessible for people pushing prams or using a wheelchair.


Picture Teemu Saloriutta