Lush nature suburb

Pictures Teemu Saloriutta


The Pajamäki and Tali areas are brimming with valuable destinations in terms of both natural assets and history.

The Patterimäki fortress rock is one of the best preserved chain fortifications in Helsinki.

Patterimäki is covered by the nature conservation programme. The goal of the planned protection is to preserve the diversity of the valuable vegetation and antiquities. The top of Patterimäki rock gives a view of especially diverse meadow vegetation, including the regionally endangered catsfoot, for example.

The shores of Mätäjoki River are surrounded by lush woodland in Tali followed by swamps affected by floods, or water meadows. The environment is enriched by traditional plants and planted sizable maples, mountain elms and European ashes near the allotment gardens. The area has valuable birdlife and attracts both bats and bumblebees. The vast number of rotted trees makes the Tali area an ideal place for conks.

Siberian fling squirrels have also become quite commonplace in the Pajamäki and Tali areas, where they have plenty of nesting trees and food. See the species descriptions and history pages for more information!


“I walk, cycle, jog or help my 90-year-old neighbour Sirkka push her walker along the winding paths of Pajamäki daily. Without these paths, neither me nor ‘native resident’ Sirkka could talk and enjoy the scents of the forest, looking back at the time when Sirkka moved to Pajamäki with her family.”

Pajamäki resident, Viva