Genuine archipelago atmosphere

Hiking in Harakka © Jussi Helimäki

“Harakka opens up the values of natural biodiversity to people of all ages, offering opportunities to observe the exciting lives of birds up close as well as breath-taking views of the open sea.”

Kaisa Pajanen, team manager, City of Helsinki Environment Services, Harakka Nature Centre

The island of Harakka is circled by a nature trail as well as a geology-themed trail. You can read the texts for each point of interest on the mobile map. The trails can be walked in any order and do not need to be completed in full.

Harakka nature trail

The trail is approximately one kilometre long and coloured pink on the mobile map. The nature trail includes rocky sections that can be slippery and difficult to navigate. In addition to this, the trail involves crossing a pond along duckboards that are slippery in rainy weather and lack handrails, but this section can be bypassed by going around it. Visitors are advised to wear good shoes and remain alert. Please watch out for aggressive mother birds during the nesting season.

Valkoposkihanhi, kuva Helsingin kaupungin aineistopankki Marianne Saviaho.

Photo Marianne Saviaho.


Harakka geological trail

The trail is approximately one kilometre long and coloured light blue on the mobile map. The geological trail can only be navigated outside of the birds’ nesting season, from 15 August onwards. Nearly the entire trail runs on rocks that can be dangerously slippery, and the trail is not marked in the terrain. Please make sure to wear appropriate shoes. Visitors may walk the trail at their own risk.

Tuffiittia, kuva Antti Salla.

Photo Antti Salla.