Sylvia communis

Common whitethroat, photo: Arne Ader

Whitethroats are small, have a long tail, a short beak, and a white neck. Their feet are light-coloured and there is a wide rust-coloured area on the wings. They are very lively and make a lot of voices, in addition to constantly singing, which make these small birds seem anxious. They often scare people walking in the bushes with various warning voices, raises its neck and head feathers in excitement, and moves its body from one side to the other. More often than not, they can be heard singing in fairly visible places, such as the top of a shrub, a visible branch of a tree, or a telephone line. After arrival, the male bird chooses a nesting territory and builds ‘test nests’, which they do not line from the inside. The female bird chooses a suitable nest and then, they finish the nest. They build the nest from dry reed and kapok. They make their nests in dry low bushes, fields, ditches, fields of weed, and the fringes of wood.