Icterine warbler

Hippolais icterina

Icterine warbler, photo: Eero Haapanen

Their feathers are brown-greyish on the top and whitish yellow on the underside. Thanks to this disguise, they often go unnoticed in the foliage. There, they quickly jump around, often lifts its head feathers, and can be easily recognised thanks to their relatively upright posture. Their song is loud and long. It consists of different extracts that imitate the song of other birds. The male and female bird start building the nest together. It consists of dry grass, kapok, and spider web and it is covered with white flakes of birch bark on the outside. Their eggs are easily recognisable – light pink with sparse black spots. Both parents feed the chicks. They mostly eat Diptera, often butterflies and their caterpillars as well. If their chicks are in danger, the parents try to drive away the enemy from the nest.