Common raven

A powerful voice

Common raven © the City of Helsinki materialbank, Jan Salonen

Common ravens (Corvus corax) often fly in pairs with their mates.

Common ravens are easiest to distinguish by their distinctive korp korp or ronk ronk calls. In fact, the Estonian name of the common raven is ronk. In Tallinn, common ravens can be heard croaking from the tops of bell towers. While Helsinki lacks these types of towers, there is a small population of common ravens nesting in the city’s extensive green spaces.

Young common ravens can be seen flying around in all of Helsinki’s green areas. The common raven nests very early in the year, with chicks hatching as early as April. In the winter, common ravens feed on all types of carrion, and in the summer they go around islets used as nesting sites by other birds, devouring their eggs and chicks.