The most prized lush herb-rich forest in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region

Ostrich ferns in Mustavuori © Jussi Helimäki
Mustavuori is one of the areas included in Finland’s national Herb-Rich Forest Conservation Programme as well as part of the European Union’s Natura 2000 network.

The flora of the herb-rich forest of Mustavuori is very diverse, owing to the fact that the area’s bedrock is rich in minerals that benefit demanding plant species. The excavations conducted in connection with the building of the area’s fortifications have also released calcium and other nutrients into the soil. The bedrock in the centre of Mustavuori features First World War era trenches and three large excavated caves.

“For me, Mustavuori is a place for spotting rare flowers in the spring, a forested cycling route in the summer, a mushrooming area in the autumn and a ski track in the winter.”

Sinikka, 51

The herb-rich forests of Mustavuori house a variety of singing bird species, including wood warblers, icterine warblers and Eurasian blackcaps. The woods, which have been allowed to develop in their natural state, also house red-breasted flycatchers, hazel grouse and black grouse. These kinds of forests also accumulate plenty of decaying wood, the presence of which is essential for a range of different species, including polypores. As such, the area features a broad range of polypores, including some rare species, such as Anomoporia kamtschatica and Antrodia pulvinascens.