Eurasian bullfinch

Familiar from Christmas cards

Eurasian bullfinch © Antti Koli

The Eurasian bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula) is a quiet forest-dweller in the summer, concealing its nest in a dense, small spruce or juniper. In Helsinki, Eurasian bullfinches nest in Central Park and other large forest areas.

Eurasian bullfinches start emerging from the forests in October, appearing at the edges of fields and yards to feed on maple seeds, rowan berries and nettle seeds, and also visiting bird feeders. The Eurasian bullfinch is calm in its movements and vocalisations. Eurasian bullfinches are a popular motif on Finnish Christmas cards.

Koiras, kuva Eero Haapanen.

Naaras, kuva Eero Haapanen.

Male at the top, female at the bottom, photos Eero Haapanen.