Eurasian jay

Acorn distributor

Eurasian jay © the City of Helsinki materialbank, Virpi Peltola

The Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius) is a red-brown corvid roughly the size of a pigeon, which hides in the forest shade. Its wings boast a beautiful, jewel-blue pattern.

In Helsinki, Eurasian jays nest in areas with larger mixed forest and young woodland thickets. The Eurasian jay is very cautious and quiet around its nesting area.

Eurasian jays are omnivorous and can even prey on other birds and raid nests for eggs when the opportunity presents itself. In the autumn, Eurasian jays collect and hide acorns. Many of the oak trees growing deep in forests have grown from acorns hidden by Eurasian jays.

Photo Jussi Helimäki.